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My story of falling in love with moving images started with watching movies with friends and families.  Thankfully, they had good taste so I cut my teeth on Hitchcock, Scorsese, and Kubrick with a few episodes of the Twilight Zone thrown in for good measure.

Blade Runner (1982) was the seed that grew into a career behind the camera and in the editing bay and to this very day, the great films, commercials, music videos, and documentaries I have seen, inspire me to push my work in new directions and to try new technologies. 

Add 20 plus years, so many shoots I honestly can't remember them all, successes, failures, and hard lessons learned, I am excited about my future and the industry in general. 


A proverb says "May you live in interesting times".  Never has that been more true for the creative professionals in the production and post-production field. 


Disruptive technologies including drones, VR, HDR, light field photography, artificial intelligence, and others are adding new capabilities and challenging long held assumptions about our processes. 

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